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regal adj : belonging to or befitting a supreme ruler; "golden age of imperial splendor"; "purple tyrant"; "regal attire"; "treated with royal acclaim"; "the royal carriage of a stag's head" [syn: imperial, majestic, purple, royal]

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Latin rex, "king"; also regere, "to rule".


  1. Of or having to do with royalty.
  2. Befitting a king.

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of or having to do with royalty
befitting a king


Derived from rege, a monarch, king or queen.
Root: reg-.
Morphemes: reg- + -al.



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Regal is an adjective meaning king-like or pertaining to royalty.
Regal may refer to:


  • Dr. Regal, one of the antagonists from the MegaMan Battle Network series
  • William Regal, real name Darren Matthews, a professional wrestler currently working for World Wrestling Entertainment
  • Regal Bryant, a character in the game Tales of Symphonia

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